The most smallest Liquor Company in Japan

Fruit Liqueur Freaks LLC is “The most smallest Liquor Company in Japan”.
July 2013, in Kyoto, It was established by ANEZAKI and ITOH.
We rented a house and remodeled for work by ourselves. We got a making-liqueur-license from government of Japan (It was a very long road .There were many troubles).We opened in April 2014.

I came across ITOH when I was 16 years old . We were Students of Kobe city college of technology.We learned mechanical engineering.We’ve have silly conversation for 16 years. My personality is inverse of ITHO’s.And My values too.But we have common hobbys.Alcohol is one of it.

We did drinking and making. We had been made many kinds of fruit liqueurs as a hobby. We had come to think “More quality,more kinds,more aging time.”I always wished my house were a little larger. And We decided to rent a house and to start up a company.

Our products are on extension of hobby

There are many Plum-liqueur-company in Japan.They make so so delicious plum luqueures.But homemade plum liqueurs are more delicious than company made. The difference is costs of ingredient. All companies think “less ingredient,less man power,more amount”.
Most important thing is profit.It Is not taste.

In Japan, Fruit liqueurs have long history. Each home have made them from plum,medlar,loquat,strawberry,oranges ,persimmon,etc… Every fruit liqueurs have good taste.
Plum wine is popular in Japan. Every liqueur shop sale that. But other Fruit liqueur are not saled at liqueur shop,super market etc.They don’t sale “They are not popular, the sales are less “.

Finally, you can drink only so so delicious plum liqueurs. you can’t drink the best plum liqueur and other kinds of fruit.(It’s Nash equilibrium or prisoner’s dilemma).

This situation is enough for most people.But the freaks like us are not interested in “so so delicious”. If they don’t make best liqueurs,We make it.


“More ingredient,more man power.”
“Off course, Our production volume is smaller than other’s. The products are low profit.”
“But Don’t mind.”
It is our Core Values. We make products for enthusiast for drinking. We think ,such a company exist in the world is good.

Internet changed the world. Makers can exchange thought and ideas with users without wholesale stores and retail stores.We can make products regardless convention and traditional rules. We are a maverick among alcohol makers (We think “It’s a modern style , wow , cool !”).

Prisoner’s dilemma game’s view is “Players spontaneously cooperate for their common good is Rare case”. But if you recognize the situation,you (and us) can spontaneously cooperate for common good.You can make alternative solutions.

If you think
“Plum liqueurs made by major company are so so delicious. …so so” or “I want to drink liqueurs made from other fruit.” , you are a fruit liqueur freak.
Our liqueurs are made by freaks for freaks.


Fruit liqueur Freaks LLC